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Interstellar, The Fifth Dimension and Jesus Christ

Interstellar was simply stellar! Although, I am sure you have heard me say that about many movies about which I have written (except for maybe the non-fairy tale Bridge to Tarabithia), this one was truly exceptional…well atlas what I saw in it was. So here is my take. It just seems that my eyes are always seeking and searching for the deeper truths that can be revealed in movies and stories in general. Interstellar was no exception. If you have not seen it then this blog post might be a spoiler. Spoiler Alert! If you have seen it, it still might be a spoiler. Spoiler Alert! And the fact is, it might be neither either way!
Jumping right in. I saw Interstellar as explaining love to be the 5th dimension. Well, maybe not Interstellar in and of itself…but Interstellar joined with my love and knowledge of Scripture and science.

What is a tesseract?

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It all comes down to the tesseract. A tesseract can be described as an unraveled four dimensional cube, also known as a hypercube. Here is a brief explanation. If you take a two dimensional cross (composed of six squares), you can fold that shape into a cube. A cross is therefore an example of an unraveled cube. Therefore, a 2D cross when folded together becomes a 3D cube. What does a 3D cube become when it is folded? To answer that, you first have to know that the 4th dimension is time. So a 4D “shape” has to somehow include time in it. Since we cannot really comprehend that, what we can do is draw a picture of what an unraveled four dimensional cube would look like. It would be a tesseract. See pictures.

So what does all of this mean?

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Towards the end of the movie, when the main character, Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), finds himself in a tesseract we get to see a picture of all of time happening concurrently. The more powerful aspect is that which brought Cooper to that time and space. What brought him there? Love! It was love that Brand (Anne Hathway) was so desperately trying to quantify when she was pleading to get Cooper to go to the planet where Edmund was waiting. Cooper ignored this pull of the Fifth Dimension, denied its existence and ended up experiencing it first hand when he had to sacrifice himself for all of mankind by flying into the center of the black hole. Once there, he found himself in the tesseract. Love is that which transcends all of time and space! Love is the fifth dimension…or maybe it is the quintessence. In physics the quintessence it the fifth fundamental force. It is potentially the force which holds the other dimensions and universe together.

What is the force which holds all other forces and all of existence together?

Love! Now let me come to my point. God is love! 1 John 4:8 says that God is love! He is the very essence of all that is and from His word all that is has come to be and all that is, is sustained by Him (John 1:1-4; Genesis 1:1; Acts 17:26-28). And God is love. But He is very personal! He is not just some abstract force that holds the universe together or that the universe is made of, as postulated by some pantheistic philosophies. No God is Love–and God is a person. One of my favorite paintings of all times is Salvador Dali’s Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus). Why?

Salvador Dali’s Crucifixion captures the power of Christ and what He did like no other!

Look at it below! It shows that the very act of God was something that transcended all of time and space. It shows that Jesus, who was 100% God and 100% man, was capable of being the just sacrifice for the sins of all of mankind across all of time, in order to reconcile us to Himself, the Creator. I also love that His act as, shown in Dali’s painting, is overshadowing a checkered game board. To me that shows that His act was a “check-mate” against the schemes and the games of the enemy. (It’s kind of hard to play chess with someone who can see all of the potential moves that can be made and as a result can see the ones that will be made.) Not only does Christ being crucified on the tesseract explain how love transcends all dimensions, it also shows how that which is incomprehensible to our minds became comprehensible. In other words, Jesus is a tesseract. He is God unraveled into our finite dimension. And again, God is Love! “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).  Oh yah, I did I mention that five is the number of Grace?!
Jesus’ love and sacrifice transcend all of time and space!

3 thoughts on “Interstellar, The Fifth Dimension and Jesus Christ

  1. Lady

    Appreciate the comments/thoughts which are similar to what I have recently come to believe. Here is a link to more of what you have stated, for further study:

  2. Angel

    Dear Author,

    Thank you for writing this article. My mind is having a hard time to digest everything and how all things are connected and held by Christ. But my heart is full! Thank you! 🙂 God bless you!

  3. michaellytle

    Thank you Angel! I think you’ve got it exactly right. It’s amazing how our heart can understand things that our mind can’t even begin to grasp. Love is but one example.

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