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I Wonder…Do You?

Just watched another fantastic fairytale: Rise of the Guardians!  As usual I am so entirely enveloped, that to even explain what I experience while watching such a tale (or reading one) is to invite slight puzzlement as most see such tales as simple child’s play.  Yet there is a “deep magic” in myth, undeniable truth, that can’t be explained; a power that can be experienced in few other places.  I am reminded of Christ’s admonition to his disciples: “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Child’s play indeed!  As a child we see the world as it ought to be seen.  We see it as it was originally created to be.  Then we get older and reality perceived settles across our gaze and all we see is fog and fleeting hope.*  Where has the wonder gone?

One of my favorite scenes in Rise of the Guardians is when Jack is looking to the moon and says:

“Is there something I’m doing wrong? Can you just tell me what it is? Because Ive tried everything and no one ever sees me.  You put me here.  The least you can do is tell me.  Tell me why.”

Where has the wonder gone? Many of us have stopped looking to the heavens and asking such questions.  We have stopped believing that there really is a Creator who not only cares but is constantly communicating, even though sometimes we can’t hear Him or see Him.  Yet when we begin to ask that question, as Jack does in the movie, the fog clears and windows and doors and holes of wonderment begin to open.  God begins to communicate!  He begins to show you and remind you that you were created, specially designed for a purpose…and that’s only the beginning…

There is only one question at that point, “how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?”  I wonder…

This is not the first time I have contemplated the power of myth (nor will it be the last):

Only the Human Who Loves Myth Truly Tastes Existence

 *The fog and fleeting hope must come unfortunately.  But it’s only through the hopelessness that we realize we are in serious need of hope, of a Great Rescuer, a Savior…


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