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Faith Over Form – Bitter Waters

It’s the act of faith, not the form, object, or vehicle of faith, which is honored by God. When God led Moses and the Israelites into the wilderness on a grand adventure, the first stop was a much-needed watering hole. Unfortunately, the waters there were bitter and undrinkable. “We’re so thirsty,” they cried! It was then, Moses’ turn to cry: “GOD HELP!” God showed him a branch of wood. Moses threw the wood into the bitter waters. The bitter waters became sweet! Was the wood endowed with magical properties? Maybe. Did the wood have a scientifically explainable property that led to the healing of the water? Maybe. More likely, however, it was Moses’ act of obedience, the act of faith, through which God sweetened the water. What form or tool is God trying to use today to funnel the miraculous into your life? Don’t balk at it. Don’t get caught up or bogged down by the object or circumstance and miss God’s salvation! Don’t let the form or method become a barrier or block to God’s movement. Faith is obedience, even when that obedience seems weird. Faith over form. Faith is belief in action. Faith over form. How will you act today?

Want to dig deeper? What other instances are there in the Bible where God did amazing things through seemingly odd forms, methods, vehicles, or objects? Comment below!

Exodus 15:22-27

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