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Podcasting: Have You Been Brain Washing?

I am such a big fan of brain washing! In fact I have found it to be a daily necessity. Have you been brain washing? During one of our staff meetings a few days ago we were discussing how to go about building up faith and resolve. The realization that was echoed and reechoed was a need to constantly be inputting the Word of God, to be constantly feeding on that which is true, good and pure.
When teaching I repeatedly stress the importance of “reading your Word”.  I teach the necessity of this in perpetuum while at the same time realizing that few of us are diligent and disciplined enough to do so on a consistent basis (myself definitely included!) What then is the remedy? We know that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word”. Yes! We know that if we would just be diligent and disciplined about our time with God and in His Scriptures we would have clearer eyes and ears to perceive the goodness around us and thereby more faith to overcome. Yes! We know that Paul directs us in Romans to “be transformed by renewing our minds.” Yes!
Yet knowing all of this we still fail to practice it. Or if we do, we only do so for a short time before lapsing into our former stupor. So what is the answer? Podcasting of course! What better way to renew your mind than by constantly listening to the Scriptures and listening to teachers and preachers enlighten the Word of God? Podcasting, though a specific term, is meant quite generally here. Whether it be listening to the Scriptures on cd or listening to them via mp3, the outcome is the same: “Faith Comes by Hearing…!” No matter what your doing you could have the words of life playing in your ear. Pop in an ear bud and do those dishes, wash the car, workout or eat a meal. No longer feel condemned by the pressure of missing a day or two of your Bible reading plan. Instead be assured by the fact that you are constantly supplementing your spirit by listening to the Bible and listening to teachings on cd or mp3. Having the Word in your ear constantly throughout the day will become an undergirding that will hold you up and sustain you in ways that you can not even begin to imagine.
Most people need at least one shower per day to clean off the days grime. In the same way our minds need a daily washing, a “brain washing”. Not only will this maintain our understanding of who we truly are in Christ, but it builds us up to begin and maintain growth in Him.

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