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Bread Alone

MannaI am a small business owner.  Last night my wife and I discussed a realization that I had, shortly after I began to pursue my dream.  “This thing is uncertain, no matter how tight my business plan.  Regardless of the contracts I secure now I have no guarantee that in nine months I will be able to re-secure the same contracts.  What am I to do?  Take a great paying job…with benefits…with a more reliable assurance that I will get paid every week…all nicely packaged in a cubicle/coffin? NO!  I was created to live–and for me that’s not living.  So in my business is mirrored my walk with Christ.  I must use every gift I was equipped with to do my job to the best of my ability yet at the same time realize that most of the times my best will fall drastically short of what God has imagined for me.  So at that point the burden becomes fully his.  At that point I stop flapping my wings in futility and I stretch them, hold that pose and allow the winds of God’s provision to take me to heights I could have never otherwise have achieved.

Christian entrepreneurs exist because they know they were created for just such a business and because in the very throes of business they are forced into the realm where they must trust God for provision when lack thereof makes others descend back into mediocrity.  The mantra of the believing businessman becomes, “Not by bread alone!”

[Some foam I took off the top of this post (refer to “Easy on the Foam below for explanation): I have found that a great number of Christians are entrepreneurs or freelancers.  Why is that?  Two reasons come to mind.  First, with salvation comes to fullness the realization that ones life has purpose, meaning and destiny.  The very act of salvation, a finite being coming into relationship with the Infinite, makes such “fate talk” coalesce into a solidity complete with root system and branches to be scaled.  As a result hope becomes obtainable and  dreams become more-than.  Viz., a Christian is far more likely than a humanist to shoot for the stars, to start his own company, to pursue a dream; for him the universe is a lot less scary because he personally knows the Creator.   Secondly, when one finds himself equipped by God with purpose, meaning and destiny he has little idea how uncertain is the realm in which those things exist.  The realm is that of faith and therefore usually defies finite logic.  Simply put, a believer is swept up into a relationship with God and God promptly begins to teach that being that life and success and success in life are obtained only via full reliance on the Creator.]

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