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The Art of War: Promised Land

Giant Killer“Those whom God had redeemed from slavery in Egypt and with whom He had made a covenant at Mount Sinai responded not with faith , gratitude and obedience but with unbelief, ingratitude and repeated acts of rebellion, which came to an extreme expression in their refusal to undertake the conquest of Canaan.”

I just read this in the introduction section to the book of Numbers in my Zondervan NIV Study Bible. I do not think I will even expound on it…(okay maybe a little) This is indeed a moment that one, especially those who consider themselves veterans of the household of faith, should pause and calmly think on. If one does so, they should rapidly find it impossible to maintain a state of calm contemplation and instead become a little frantic, even a little crazy. The quote continues:

“The community of the redeemed forfeited their part in the promised land. They were condemned to live out their lives in the dessert; only that their children would enjoy the fulfillment of the promise that had originally been theirs.”

Where are you at? Are you a Believer wondering around out in no-man’s land because of your lack of faith, gratitude and obedience and your unwillingness to run hard after God and His promises? Let us not forget that the Promised Land was not heaven, but an actual physical place and state of being in the here and now! We Christians should cease to settle for a mediocre, second rate here and now. Will you be a Joshua and a Caleb? Those two alone eventually made it into the Promised Land. The other 600,000 plus Israelites wondered around in the dessert until their deaths.

STOP FEARING THOSE GIANTS! The road to the promises of God is paved with the bodies of giants. By the power of God’s hand begin this very day to pave your way.

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