Return of the King
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Sweet Jesus?

Return of the KingJust now as I was praying I realized that I have a habit of constantly saying, “Sweet Jesus”. Is Jesus sweet? Well most definitely!
Jesus is the Lily of the Valley,
The Bright and Morning Star;
He’s the fairest of ten thousand…

Jesus is the Lamb of God,
The Savior once for all
He’s king of friends and king of brothers

But let us remember,

Jesus is the King of Kings
The Lord of Lords
He’s the Lion of Judah

Yes Jesus is sweet; He is benevolent; He is kind, and a host of other such adjectives of honey.
But let us remember, Jesus is not week; “He is not a tame lion”. This same Jesus who protected children and helped the week, cleared the temple all by Himself. This same Jesus will return riding on a magnificent white steed brandishing a shinning sword. This same sweet Jesus, let us remember, is a warrior-king to whom “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is LORD.”

NOTE: “The Lily of the Valley” – In the Song of Songs this phrase is found and paints a picture of the nature of Jesus. Look at one and see. The plant itself is very tall yet its flowers hang down as though bowing, a symbol of Christ’s humility, His incarnation, His sacrifice, etc. The plant also has medicinal qualities, one of which is its ability to stimulate the heart. There are other things which point to Christ, including the fragrance and the root system, but let us look at the shape of the flowers. They are shaped like trumpets, reminding us of Christ’s return. One legend even says that these flowers grew from the tears of Eve after she left the garden and are thus a reminder of Paradise Lost and therein a reminder that it shall be regained!

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