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The Precious Privilege and Power of Prayer

Are you praying?  If not, why not?  I believe if we honestly understood the power God has granted us through prayer, each of us would ravenously seek to wield that power.  Do you realize that through prayer you can actually alter the course of history?  Through prayer you can have command over time it self.  God is sovereign, He is ruler and sustainer over all that is, was or ever will be, yet to His children He has given the precious privilege and power of prayer.  The prophet Isaiah came to King Hezekiah and told him that he was about to die.  Hezekiah wept.  He was only in his late 30’s, so you can imagine how cheated he must have felt.  Yet Hezekiah prayed.  Even before Isaiah was fully out of the door God turned him around and sent him back to the king with a new message.  You will live!  Fifteen extra years of earthly life were given to Hezekiah because he prayed.  Talk about a fountain of youth!  God delights in exercising His sovereignty for the pleasure of His children.  Prayer proves his sovereignty and more importantly communicates His heart.  God loves you.  God listens to you.  I could point out countless times throughout the Scriptures where God altered the course of events because one person or a group of people prayed.  Hannah had a son, Nineveh’s demise was put on pause and Paul realized how powerful his weaknesses were.  So what is your story?  What provision are you failing to receive because you haven’t taken the situation to God?  What freedom are you failing to experience because you haven’t talked to God in a while?  What light and hope are you failing to see in your darkness because you have failed to talk with Him and listen to His voice?  God loves you.  God is listening to you.  Let your voice be heard.  Begin to operate in the precious privilege and power of prayer.  You never know, you just might alter the course of history and the future for yourself and those you love.  In fact, you will—if you pray.

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