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I have a very small wooden chest that is the perfect size to hold business cards.  That little chest is my prayer card box.  I took sheets of blank business cards and printed the names of people, groups and things that I wanted to pray for, a different name on each card.  I have actually regretfully slipped out of the habit of using my little box.  Sometimes I just don’t have it with me where I am at and other times I am just daunted by how large that stack of cards has become.  Today a solution rung in my head.  I can use my phone!  My phone is my new prayer card box.  Pretty much everyone I pray for, or should be praying for, on a regular basis is in my contact list in my phone.  I plan on praying for one letter of the alphabet  a day.   This way, by the 26th day of each month, I will have prayed for everyone whose phone number is saved in my contact list.  I am really looking forward to having a way to not miss out on blanketing my people in prayer, as well as praying for people and things I have probably never prayed for before, like Mr. Gatti’s and my credit union.   How do you pray for your people?

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  1. Nathan Walker

    Great idea, love this plan.

    I think prayer is the most powerful yet most un-used tool of us Christians.

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