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Phosphoresent Christians

When I was a child I discovered that great thrills could be found in cereal boxes.  Oh, the treasure of the buried toy in my Cinnamon Toast Crunch!  My favorite cereal box collection of all was a phosphorescent solar system.  I collected planets, stars and space ships that glowed in the dark.  I then carefully turned my ceiling and bunk bed into an observatory and when night arrived marveled at the show.  The planets and shooting stars and shuttles came to life in all their glowing glory.  It was breathtaking.  After watching for about 30 minutes however, every celestial body became dim, almost invisible.  Before long each disappeared.

Moses spent forty days and nights atop Mount Sinai in God’s Presence.  Moses came down aglow!  He had stayed in the Presence of God for so long that he had soaked up the truth, the goodness, the very light of God.  You and I, as disciples of Christ, are called to “so let our light shine before men, that they may see our good works, and glorify our Father who is in heaven.”  Take note here: although you may be about the masters business, if you are not shinning, your work will get little recognition and will be virtually indistinguishable from any other type of work with which men busy themselves.*
Just as Moses soaked in the presence of God and literally glowed, so to must you and I make a daily habit of getting into His Presence.  Remember that after a short time, Moses lost his glow.  Just like my little phosphorescent moon and planets, we can lose our charge and slowly wane until we are totally invisible to those who are watching and searching.

An awesome discovery I soon made was that if I took my toys and held them closely to a light bulb their shine would be much brighter and last much longer when plunged back into the dark.  When Jesus ministered here on earth we find that he often “went away alone to pray.”  As Jesus did, we too must make a regular habit of getting into the Presence of God so that we might be charged and recharged.  Only then can we truly let our light shine. Only then will we be fully equipped to truly live, to effectively and eternally effect the lives of those whose orbits we intersect.  And note: the closer you get to the Presence of God, the more brilliantly you will shine and the longer your charge will last when you step back into the world. Glow in the dark!

Matthew 5:16 – Shine your light
Exodus 34:29 – Moses’ glow
Mark 1:35 – Jesus’ recharge
Luke 5:16 – Jesus’ recharge habit

*Not that we are looking for recognition, but that the nature of light is that by it people see and to it they are drawn.  Though we are not performing to be recognized the very nature of doing what is right, when moving under the anointing and being led by the Spirit, is that people in need are drawn.

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