Impressive Teachings

Impressive Teachings

These are teachings/sermons/skits that in some way left an undeniable impression on my heart, head or both.  I believe they will impact you as well…but don’t take my word for it.  Listen and experience each for yourself.  Click the orange link to listen, right click to download.

“The Bema Judgement” by Tim Stevenson; Preached  Performed by Pete Briscoe of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship  “The Bema Judgement Part 1”
“The Bema Judgement Part 2”

“Temporary Insanity” by Billy Huffman of Generation Church

“Creativity: Unleashing the Creative Spirit” by Erwin McManus of Mosaic

“House of Prayer” by Jim Cymbala of The Brooklyn Tabernacle

“Crack Kills” by Elijah Waters of Generation Church

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